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1. Simple process

Application and examination on formal grounds

1 week

Examination on absolute grounds

1 month

Opposition period

3 months

Registration and certificate

4 months (fast-track) 7-8 months (standard)


10 years after filling

Application, publication and examination

1 week


2 weeks

2. Reliability

METIDA is among the Top 3 Trademark filers in EU.

An independent and widely recognized global magazine, Legal 500, opines that METIDA is one of the best companies specializing in IP law.

With an international team of experts as well as extensive experience, we consistently employ best practices and address all possible scenarios in the most effective way. METIDA ZALESOV is a one-stop-shop for all intellectual property law services and solutions you need in the EU.

Well ranked for Intellectual Property achievements

1400+ Trademark and Community Design Applications anually
15000+ the number of European Patent cases represented in local jurisdiction

3. Fast. Very fast.

We are leveraging breakthrough technology with unprecedented competence for maximum efficiency.

Automated process management helps us avoid errors and deliver the most convenient and cost-effective solutions for your business.

4. Incredible price

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Basic fee for filing, one class 1100 EUR
1100 EUR