EUIPO annual report 2019: where is the United States?

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According to an executive director of European Union Intellectual Property Office Christian Archambeau, 2019 was an exceptionally busy year: the EUIPO celebrated the 25th anniversary since its foundation, received its two millionth EU trademark application and developed a new multiannual strategic plan which the main goal is to fulfill the vision of EUIPO as User-Driven European Intellectual Property Network.

2019 in numbers

160 377 EUTM (European trademark) filings during the year 2019 resulted in 5.2% growth compared to 2018, while 111 598 RCD (registered community design) filings are 3.5% more than in 2018. The TOP 2 applicants remain Germany and China, for both EUTM and RCD applications. The United States is 3rd in filling RCD and 4th applicant for EUTM, following Italy. During 2019 a total of 2 988 appeals were received, an increase of 15.4% as regards 2018. Most of the appeals concern inter partes decisions (67% of the total). Regarding appeals against Community design decisions, after an increase of 30% in the previous year, they have increased again by 24%. Germany and the US were the most active appealants. From the total number of 2 988 appeals in 2019, 1165 appeals were filed by these two countries, showing that both of countries were active in legal actions concerning the protection of the registered trademarks or designs.

The use of e-filing continued at its current high level, representing 99.8% of all direct EUTM applications and 97.9% of direct design filings.

International cooperation

EUIPO notices that bilateral cooperation with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), USPTO continued in 2019 through two videoconferences, held in April and May. Both meetings served the purpose of sharing knowledge and experience between both EU and US trademark and design appeal systems and in-depth discussions on specific topics were held, which were of mutual interest to both appeal bodies.

The TM5 framework continued cooperation. TM5 is a framework through which 5 IPOs — the CNIPA, the EUIPO, the JPO, the KIPO, and the USPTO — exchange information on trademark-related matters and undertake cooperative activities for their mutual benefit, and for the interests of their respective trademark filers and registrants. Multilateral cooperation leads to successful joint projects and activities between the biggest world IPOs. During 2019 contacts have also continued through regular periodic videoconference discussions with the appeal bodies of TM5 partners on matters such as quality management, procedural topics, and, in some instances, alternative dispute resolution.

The ongoing situation of 2020

As for the year of 2020, the EUIPO emphasizes these main challenges: the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the technological change, with the increased importance of artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain and political developments such as the ongoing Brexit process and the international trading environment, which is also evolving with the increasing importance of online marketplaces and the evolution of global supply chains.

For METIDA 2019 was a successful year in terms of EUTM and RCD applications. We finalized the year by being 1st in the TOP 25 e-user list.  This year we already received results from quarter 1 and quarter 2. Our most recent accomplishment is that we are in the 2nd position with 681 applications in the last 3 months.