Intellectual Property Services

European TM and Design

We handle all steps in the EU TM and Design registration process, including:

• filing applications with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
• providing professional advice at every stage of the registration process
• communicating with the EUIPO during the registration process
• receiving the registration certificate and forwarding to you

Why us?

We offer much more than registration

With METIDA, you also get legal and business advice, as well as all the related services you need to successfully navigate the Trademark and Design registration process. Our goal isn’t just to get your Trademark or Design registered, but to ensure that your experience is efficient, and we leave you well-prepared to take full advantage of your intellectual property rights.

The power of technology

We utilize breakthrough technology to make filing and process management as efficient, convenient, and hassle-free as it can be in the market.

Local expertise

Our team of competent and experienced experts in Europe will make sure you are covered for any possible scenario.

European Trademark application procedure

1. Application and examination on formal grounds

1 week

2. Examination on absolute grounds

1 month

3. Opposition period

3 months

4. Registration and certificate

4 months (fast track) 7-8 months (standard)

5. Validation

10 years after filling


1400+ EU Trademark and Community Design Applications annually



Complete Spectrum of European Trademark Related Services

evaluation of the registrability of a Trademark i.e., preliminary Trademark search

preparation of documents for EUTM registration and its conversion into national Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian applications

monitoring EUTM registration validity terms and preparing renewal documents

executing EUTM monitoring: keeping tabs on whether identical or similar Trademarks are being registered

preparing and registering agreements with regard to the transfer, pledge, and licensing of Trademark rights

choosing the optimum strategy for EUTM registration

European Design Application Procedure

1.Application, publication and examination

1 week

2. Certificate

2 weeks

Complete Spectrum of European Design Related Services

assessment of whether a Design registration pending product representation is new and contains individual character, i.e., we evaluate design registrability

preparation of documents for Design registration

monitoring the extension of Design registration validity and preparation of renewal documents

preparing and registering agreements with regard to the transfer, pledge, and licensing of Design rights

choosing optimum Design protection methods and consulting on other relevant issues

performing registered Design monitoring

Your local competence team

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