European patents

We put our extensive experience in filing and managing European Patent applications to work for clients before the European Patent Office (EPO).

Why us?

We offer much more than registration

With METIDA, you also get legal and business advice, as well as all the related services you need to successfully navigate the Patent registration process. Our goal isn’t just to get your Parent registered, but to ensure that your experience is efficient, and we leave you well-prepared to take full advantage of your intellectual property rights.

The power of technology

We utilize breakthrough technology to make filing and process management as efficient, convenient, and hassle-free as it can be in the market.

Local expertise

Our team of competent and experienced experts in Europe and Russia makes sure you are covered for any possible scenario.


1. Patent application filing

Our secure online filing platform helps you meet all Patent filing requirements in a cost-effective manner.

1-3 days

2. Examination

A formal examination involves reviewing filings and ensuring that all the necessary information and documentation has been provided so that the application can be accorded a filing date.

24-36 months

3. Grant

After the examination procedure, the EPO issues a notification granting the European Patent.

2-3 months

4. Validation

Your Patent can be validated in any of the selected European Patent Convention (EPC) countries.


15000+ the number of European Patent cases represented in local jurisdiction



Complete Spectrum of European Patent Related Services

filing European Patent applications with the EPO and representing the client’s interests during the entire pending period

evaluating European search reports with written opinions and preparing responses to them

communicating with the EPO experts during the examination procedure and preparing replies to official actions

preparing and filing a translation of the claims into French and German (if the application was originally filed in English) and paying the print and grant fees to the EPO

validating European Patent in all EPC states

handling annuity fees due in all EPC states, monitoring the due dates and making payments on time

Your local competence team

Audrone Tauriene
Birute Dauderiene
Dr. Eugenijus Keras
Dr. Jacekas Antulis
Evgenia Gainutdinova
Kaie Puur
Margit Jarvik
Margus Sarap
Mikk Putk
Reda Zaboliene
Renata Anduziene